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Scott Foil RC Road Bike 2017

Back in 2010, Scott introduced the Foil featuring the novel F01 Aero Technology. As an aerodynamically optimized road bike, the Foil featured truncated airfoils which are now used on most aero bikes today. Scott was one of the first bike manufacturers to file a patent for this specific airfoil shape. With the truncated airfoil, Scott’s Aerodynamic Science unit intended to work around the drawbacks of Uci-regulations that give a limit of a 3:1 airfoil ratio. As a consequence of this regulation, aerodynamic tube shapes, with their traditional tear drop profile often lacked stiffness or were heavy resulting from additional material required to improve stiffness. The truncation of the airfoil solves this issue. While the aerodynamic performance of the airfoil is comparable to a traditional tear drop airfoil, stiffness and weight characteristics are substantially improved. The Foil is an aero bike to the core, maintaining impressively low weight and high stiffness values.


Full Details / Specification

Scott’s famous Hmx carbon fibre, one piece bar/stem and class leading aerodynamics. Having racked up stage wins in the Tour de France, wins at Milan San Remo and Liege Bastogne Liege just to name a few, it is safe to say that the Foil has made a name for itself in recent years.

Hmx Carbon Fibre

While we already use the proven Hmf composite fibre on all our composite high-end bike models, we have improved upon conventional Hmf material. This new fibre, which is produced exclusively for Scott, offers 20% more stiffness and is employed on all the areas that need additional rigidity.

Race Geometry

The geometry of the Foil is Competition Road, validated by out Orica GreenEdge and Iam Cycling teams and enjoyed by the most discerning customers. The handling and fit you’ve come to expect from Scott will be familiarly aggressive.

Comfort Zone

While the first Foil has been praised for its direct power transfer, responsive handling, low weight and aerodynamic excellence, some riders yearned for more comfort. So we increased vertical compliance, making comfort a key point in the requirements specification of the new Foil.

F01 Aero Technology

F01 Technology is based on the theory that a partial airfoil shape without the trailing edge can produce the same aerodynamic advantage as a traditional foil shape. Scott Aero Science engineers have thus developed F01 Technology to create unique, bicycle specific tube shapes which maximize aerodynamic efficiency at lower air speeds.

Supported Charity

The charity chosen to benefit from at least 10% of the proceeds raised during the draw for this item is Cycling UK – for more details visit their web site at

Delivery Restrictions / Special Terms

The winner of this prize will have the opportunity to specify the size and some of the specification of this prize. The item will be provided by ubyk, who have stores in Oxford and Brighton. If you are able to visit any one of these stores personally then you will have the opportunity to discuss with the specialist team before making a decision on the final spec of your bike, which may even result in you choosing an alternative to the Scott Foil if it suits you better. Alternatively the item can be delivered to your registered UK address which must match the address linked to the paypal account used to purchase the ticket. In the case of a free ticket winning the draw then we will request proof of address before sending the prize.

Qualifying Question

In order to comply with regulations it is necessary for each entrant to answer a qualifying question for each draw. The question for this draw is as follows:

In which race did the Scott Foil begin to make its name?

A. Tour of Sussex

B. Turin San Remo

C. Tour de France