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Leica Q

The Leica Q is the perfect instrument for achieving your photographic ambitions and transforming the decisive moments of your life into lasting memories. With its fast lens, easy and intuitive handling, the Leica Q gives you the creative freedom that makes the difference. Discover the fascination of this perfect symbiosis of design and superior technology – and experience for yourself what has made Leica cameras so unique for more than a century: an unparalleled focus on the essentials and Made in Germany.


Full Details / Specification


The decisive moment is always unique. It can never be recaptured. But the Leica Q responds so quickly that you are always ready to shoot in an instant. Its newly developed image processor from the Leica Maestro II series processes the data arriving from the sensor with such enormous speed that it allows continuous shooting at a rate of ten frames per second at full resolution – much faster than any and all other comparable cameras. Images are stored in DNG and JPEG formats and are instantaneously ready to be displayed in review mode.


The Leica Q features an integrated 3.68-megapixel electronic viewfinder which enables reliable control of composition in every situation. This means you enjoy a higher resolution than any other viewfinder of this type. The nest details of every scene are reliably reproduced without any notice- able lag. The viewfinder is automatically activated by a sensor that instantaneously recognizes when the camera is brought up to the eye.


The camera’s autofocus operates close to real time and is the fastest in the compact full-frame camera class. No matter how fast life delivers the subjects, the autofocus of the Leica Q is always ready to capture them.


The digital frame selector of the Leica Q expands your creative scope. In addition to 28 mm at full resolution, this function also offers focal lengths of 35 and 50 mm. The corresponding frames are displayed in the viewfinder at the press of a button. The advantage – you can still see what is going on outside the bright-line frame and have the ability to react more rapidly to changes in and around the scene in the same way as with a rangefinder camera. With the Leica Q, this versatility remains available even after the scene has been captured. While the scene de ned by the frame is captured in JPEG format, DNG format files preserve the entire field of view of the 28 mm lens.


Made in Germany, the Leica Q design reflects the principles of reduction to the essentials. The materials employed in its construction guarantee exceptional endurance. The top plate is machined from solid blocks of aluminum, the body is made of magnesium alloy, and all the lettering and numbers on its setting dials are laser engraved. The thumb rest on the back of the camera and the diamond pattern of its leathering ensure a grip which is rm and ideal and clearly illustrate that form and function still go hand in hand at Leica.


All functions of the Leica Q are laid out clearly and placed logically to guarantee perfect ergonomics. The lean menu concept offers fast access to all relevant options. The control elements of the Leica Q offer opportunities for you to customize its handling. For example, the autofocus range can be conveniently defined with the key controls. Alternatively, you can use the touch screen and define the focusing range with a simple touch of a fingertip.

When focusing manually, Live View offers a choice of two electronic focusing aids: Focus Peaking shows the points in your subject that are sharply focused by colored highlighting of edges, and Live View Zoom displays the sharply focused parts of the scene with up to sixfold magnification. With the Leica Q, you always have everything under perfect control, even without electronic aids. The two most basic parameters for photography, the aperture and the shutter speed, can be read from the corresponding control elements and set – even when the camera is switched off.


Whether you wish to do it via e-mail, on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, the Leica Fotopark community, etc. – good pictures should be shared with the world. That’s why the Leica Q has an integrated Wi-Fi module. The Leica Q features a near field communication module to enable quick and easy connections. The free Leica Q app lets you upload pictures over a wireless Internet link to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The versatile app also transforms your phone, your tablet, or your computer into a remote control for your Leica Q. For instance, this lets you set the shutter speed and aperture and capture the scene. This makes it easy to shoot from unusual angles and avoid camera shake when shooting with longer shutter speeds.


The high speed and unmistakable bokeh of the lens of the Leica Q also reveal their unique qualities when shooting in video mode. Video recorded in full HD with the Leica Q is indistinguishable from professional movie footage. Depending on what you need for the scene, you can choose between 30 and 60 full frames per second for filming. The Leica Q records high-quality moving pictures in MP4 video format and an integrated wind noise filter guarantees crystal-clear sound to match.

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