Who are Blipp Digital?

Blipp Digital is the company behind Can I Win That. We are developers of exciting internet based projects.  Any tickets purchased will be processed by Blipp Digital which is why you will see this reference on your confirmation emails.

How do I receive my entry numbers?

Your unique ticket numbers are based on the prize ID and the ticket numbers issued. Our draw system automatically allocates a ticket number format to the end of your prize ID to create the correct amount of tickets for your purchased amount of entries.

As we automatically receive your payment provider transaction ID’s we are able to identify the purchaser, the amount of entries and a unique identifier for each individual entry.

Each individual entry is then added to the final draw database to be selected by a random number generator. You will receive confirmation of your tickets by email which will include your unique ticket numbers.

When will the draw take place?

Each draw takes place around 7 days after all the available tickets have been allocated.

How will the draw be conducted?

Each entry will be assigned a unique identifier in our database and we will use a random number generator to select a winning entry, this will be conducted by our solicitor with a witnesses present.

How will you contact me if I win?

PayPal automatically provides us with your contact details, should you wish to amend that information please email us via the form on the contact page.

What will happen if you don't receive enough entries?

Should we not hit our ticket allocation target within a reasonable time we have the option to determine that enough entries have been received for the prize to still be given.

How many times can I enter?

There are no limits on either free or paid entries, to enter please click here

How can I get free tickets?

To participate via free entry please send a letter inside an envelope or on a postcard including your name, address, telephone number, email address (if applicable) and answer to our question by 1st class post to the following address:

Can I Win That, 1 Kings Meadow, Oxford. OX2 0DP

Please don’t forget, to enter successfully please include the answer to the approriate question for the draw entered.  This can be found on the draw details page.

Please note, only one free entry will be entered into the contest per envelope or postcard received, entries without correct and sufficient postage paid will not be accepted. Entries received after the contest closes will not be included.

If I win - How soon will I receive the item?

In most cases a prize will be shipped by courier directly to the winner within 3 days of the draw. In the case of larger items, or vehicles in particular we will organise directly with the winner to arrange suitable delivery or collection times. Please read the delivery restrictions / special notes accompanying each separate draw.

I notice some prizes say (pre-owned) what does this mean?

Unless described as ‘pre-owned’ all of our prizes are brand new, UK stock and delivered with all the usual guarantess available had you purchased the item yourself.  However, we also offer ‘pre-owned’ prizes. These are typically classic cars, original art or other highly desirable or collectable items. No guarantees other than authenticity can be provided with our ‘pre-owned’ items.

What if I win but am not happy with my prize?

In the unlikley event that you win a prize that you are not happy with we offer a full refund on all your tickets purchased on return of the prize. However in the case of new items boxes should still be sealed and in original condition. We will then carry out a new draw and issue the prize to another winner.